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HD Loader

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Product Description

HD Loader

Get ready for the ULTIMATE game experience.  A world's first has now become possible with the HD Loader.  Utilizing exciting new technology, HD Loader allows you to install and run your Playstation 2? games directly from a hard disk drive connected to your console (Sony PS2 Network adapter?and compatible hard disk drive required).  Ever wanted to load your PS2 games onto your hard drive and then run them without the hassle of swapping discs?  Ever been annoyed by the extremely long loading times while reading data from a game disc?

Back in Stock!  Shipping within 1-2 days after your purchase.  Still the best HDD solution for the original PS2 systems!

HD Loader solves these problems and does so much more to expand the .

HD Loader is a revolutionary piece of software which allows you to store games on any modern high capacity IDE Hard Drive connected to your PS2 (Sony Network adapter required ).  Now you can install, delete and manage your games and files on your HDD with just a click of a button.  The simple and intuitive multi lingual user interface allows easy navigation and selection of files stored on your Hard drive.  Games are executed at lightning speed and accessed directly from the HDD, no need to insert your game disc. Just launch HDLoader and select the game you wish to play.

HD Loader is the ultimate Hard drive storage and management solution for PS2.

Product Details

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

  • The Playstation 2 is capable of reading data from a hard disk drive much faster than it can read from a CD or DVD. Using HDLoader to run your games from a hard disk drive leads to significantly reduced game loading times. Never again will you need to endure painfully slow loading times which plague so many games!
  • HDLoader makes gaming more convenient by allowing you to store your games on a hard disk drive, eliminating the need to change discs each time you wish to play a different

    Simple and Attractive Graphical Interface
  • HDLoader’s user interface is designed with simplicity in mind ?boot up HDLoader and begin playing your games without wasting any time navigating through a complex user interface.
  • The intuitive user interface allows easy management of games currently installed on your hard disk drive. Add or remove games with the push of a button.
  • The interface is multi-lingual. Use HDLoader in your own language.

    Excellent Compatibility
  • HDLoader offers excellent compatibility with your games ?over 95% of games work flawlessly when running from your hard disk drive.
  • HDLoader is compatible with both standard IDE hard disk drives and the official Playstation 2?hard disk drive. 
    • A PS2 broad band adapter and a hard drive are required.

    Package Contents
    • Official HD Loader Original Version (USA NTSC Version)
    • Protective DVD Casing
    • User Manual (Multi-Lingual)

    Compatibility List
    Version 1
    Version 2
    Version 3
    Version 4
    Version 5
    Version 6
    Version 7
    Version 8
    Version 9
    Version 10
    Version 11
    Version 12
    Version 13
    Version 14

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    Product Reviews

    1. It has breathed new life in to my PS2

      Posted by Tristan on 26th Apr 2015

      I've been itching to play all of my old classsics on my PS2, the games I grew up with and have fond memories of. I was stunned though at how long it took to load a simple game. That's when I heard about the HD Loader and how you can load games from a hard drive, just like you do on the PS3 / PS4 and the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Games now load almost instantly and no pauses or breaks in cut scenes, etc.

    2. Amazing Loading games from the hard drive.

      Posted by Peter S. on 25th Apr 2015

      If you've got a PHAT PS2, and get your hands on a network adapter (most gamestops have them for a couple of dollars now!) then you NEED to get the HDLoader. It has made playing my PS2 games fun again. I have installed all of my disc games on to my hard drive and they load blazingly fast and the cutscenes in between levels are instant and without any delays! Amazing disc... wish I would have bought this years ago!

    3. Works Amazing. I can't believe I finally found one.

      Posted by Richard on 16th May 2011

      Not many places carry this disc any more, but I was lucky enough to find it here. I have the original PS2 system (fat) and this is the best thing ever. Just load the games from the disc to the hard rive and start playing them immediately. No fussing, no chipping, no nothing. Great disc. Grab one while they are still available is what I recommend to anyone.

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