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Gateway 3DS

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Product Description

Introducing the Gateway 3DS Card, the worlds very first flash cart that brings full 3DS and 3DS XL support to the masses.  The Gateway 3DS is a revolutionary new product that allows you to store and load games from regular micro SD Cards, paving the way for 3DS homebrew gaming, which will surely start showing some progress now that there's a reliable way to load and play your 3DS games.

Order your Gateway today. Each shipment is selling out fast.  The last 2 shipments have been sold out, and our next batch of inventory will be received on approximate September 13th.  Place your order today to ensure that you're on the top of the list for this revolutionary new card.

Similar to how the R4 3DS Cards for the DS, DSi and 3DS work, the gateway 3ds lets you use micro SD flash memory to load and store your games.  At present, with the latest firmware, users can store one game per micro sd, which can be deleted and replaced with another game at will.  

Each Gateway 3DS package comes with the two gateway card.  The Blue card allows you to boot the loader, which puts your 3DS or 3DS XL in the proper gateway mode, while the Red card allows you to load your games and applications with full 3DS Compatibility.

Gateway 3DS FAQ:

How Many Games Can Fit On a Micro SD Card?
Currently the Gateway 3DS supports one game per micro SD Card.  You can of course change the game you have on the card any time you wish, but only one game can be on the card at once.

Does the MicroSD Card have to be exactly the same size as the game itself that I would be playing?

No it does not.  The only thing that matters is that the micro sd card you're using is actually larger than the rom size of the game.

Does it remove region locking or enable playing of games from different regions (example: Japanese games on USA 3DS)

At this time, it is not able to play games from other regions.  However, due to popular demand, the team has been thoroughly investigating adding this feature to a future update to the gateway 3ds.

Can it play Homebrew games or applications?

No, it can not.  And at present there are no homebrew games or applications made to utilize the 3DS mode on the Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL.

What about save games?  Are they currently working and once you stop playing a game, can you remove the micro SD and your game save will be kept for loading up later?

The team is currently hard at work to fully support both backing up and restoring your game saves or game save data.

Is it possible to block the Gateway 3DS card by way of a Nintendo 3DS update?

Anything and everything is possible.  However, the same can be said about any other flash cart out there at the moment.  With new updates, new firmware kernel updates are required for every single card out there.  Just as with any flash carts, system updates should be avoided whenever possible, until you are certain that your flash cart will work with a newer version of the 3DS or 3DS XL.

How big is a regular Nintendo 3DS games, and what would be the minimum size I should get for a micro SD Card?

The size of any 3DS game depends on the game itself.  Some games are small and come in at only 256MB, while other games are larger and can be up to 4GB in size.

It it possible to play multiplayer and online games with the Gateway 3DS?

Yes, but it is advised that you do not play your games online with the Gateway 3DS Card.

Do the game keep internet capacity?

Yes, but we advise not to use online features

Is it upgradable and can it be updated by the end user?

Yes it is.  Some parts and some aspects of the gateway 3DS card will be upgradable.

Can The Gateway 3DS run standard regular DS roms and homebrew games and applications for the DS and Nintendo DSi ?

No, at present it can not.  However, there are many other options out there and already available to allow you to do just that.  Cards like the R4 3DS for example and various others.

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Product Reviews

  1. Awesome!

    Posted by Truong on 19th Feb 2014

    Works just as advertised. My 3DS is an XL running version 4.5 and the Gateway 3DS works like a charm with it! Highly recommend this to anyone looking to really enjoy their 3DS

  2. Booya! It WORKS GREAT!

    Posted by George Gardner on 15th Sep 2013

    I had a super hard time believing this actually worked. but then I saw a good number of reviews and figured they can't all be making it up. I ended up buying it, and it worked out of the box. Make sure you get the newest GW Loader for region free play, as that's what I bought this for.

    Super card, awesome store, will be telling my friends about this!!!! Just a note: you have to have a 3DS or 3DS XL that is at version 4.1 - 4.5 system software, otherwise it won't be compatible. But I hear they are working on it.

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