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Xbox Mod Chip Installation

Xbox Mod Chips

Xbox Mod Chips do more than just let you play import and backup games.  They turn your Xbox into a full fledged entertainment system.

Discover the power that an Xbox mod chip can add to your Xbox !

Power up your Xbox with the Xbox Aladdin or Duo X3 Xbox Mod Chip

aladdin-xt-xbox-mod-chip_x3.jpgSure we're all clamoring to get our hands on the latest entertainment system.  That DVD Player that allows you to play DivX movies, or the latest bit of hardware that allows you to stream media from the Internet.  But you probably didn't know that if you already have an Xbox console - you can do a whole lot more than just play Xbox games with it.  With an Xbox Mod Chip and open source / freely available software, you can turn your Xbox into a DVD player that plays DivX, Avi, Xvid (and other types) of movies, as well as MP3 music and JPeg Picture viewing.  All for a $25.00 investment!

When the first Xbox Mod Chip hit the market, it was nothing more than a quick way to play your import Xbox games (as well as your DVD-R backup Xbox Games!)  While it was not easy to install, it certainly enabled gamers to play those hot Japanese games that would never see the light on this side of the ocean.  As the Xbox aged, so did the Xbox mod chips.  With new generations of mod chips coming out about 6 months, there was a clear trend towards the mod chip becoming the "brains" of the xbox console.  Now in the 5th or 6th generation, Xbox mod chips have come a long way since the very first 33+ wire Enigmah chips.

Even Xbox owners not interested in import Xbox games should be interested in getting an Xbox mod chip.  With the Xbox Media Center software (freely available online) you can turn your Xbox into a fully running and functioning media center.  You can watch the latest DVD movies, DivX, Xvid, AVI files and more.  If you're a music buff, you can use the media center to play all of your MP3 songs either from DVD-R or from the built in hard drive.   About the only thing you can't do is record your favorite shows onto the Xbox hard drive, but pretty much everything else goes.  And you sure can't beat the price of this Media Center.  Xbox consoles are selling for about $200.00 so you can be up and running with a full blown media center for about $225.00 including the Xbox mod chip.  Even a very low priced PC can't touch that price...  To get a PC powerful enough, you'd be looking at about $699.00 to run the Windows Media Center edition.

With the development of Xbox mod chips having progressed to where they're at now - you don't have to spend $60 - $70 on a mod chip (though you can if you want to)... You need no more than the Duo X3 Xbox chip in order to power up your Xbox console.  At only $24.75 and installation that takes no more than 20 - 30 minutes, you won't have to worry about it cutting into your bank account.

So just how does all of this work?  It's simple really.  You buy the Mod Chip for the Xbox and install it.  Once you've installed it, you can download freely available install discs for the Xbox Media Center that not only include the media center but also a slew of other software too.  Once you install the software, your Xbox is ready to go.  Just pop in your latest DivX movie or DVD movie and start watching.  And if you want to play older classic games, the install disc also includes the latest versions of about 10 different classic console emulators so you can start playing right away.  MP3 music is just as easy, just pop in your favorite MP3 disc and start listening with the built in MP3 player.

But the BEST part is, the streaming content you can stream right from the Internet as longs as you've got your Xbox connected to the 'net via a network cable or a router.  You can actually watch streaming TV channels freely available online and watch them on your TV set with your Xbox.  Even Internet radio stations can be directly streamed from the net to your Xbox / TV Set up.  We regularly check out Google Videos using the Xbox in the office.  There are hundreds of plugs ins for the Media Center that allow you to essentially do almost anything you want as far as entertainment goes.

To sum it all up, you don't need anything other than an Xbox console and a low priced Xbox Mod Chip to turn your Xbox into much more than just a simple video game system.  You'll have years of entertainment all in one cool, sleek, powerful Xbox.