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r4 nesds

R4 NesDS - NES Games on Your NDS

Play R4 NESDS games on your Nintendo DS console.  NES Games on our NDS really feel like butter on Toast.



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GBA Emulator News

It seems that every single day a new development from homebrew developers is released for Sony's PSP Console.  And the last few days have been no exception to that rule.  From the good guys over at PS2Nfo, we've learned that a GBA Emulator has been release for the PSP.  Now hardcore gamers can start playing their GBA Games right on their PSP Console.  While this GBA Roms emulator is by no way a completed final release, it already sports many of the features that it's popular PC counterparts have to offer.

With the R4 DS Card you can use a plethora of emulators for many of the major classic game and computer video game systems. The R4 NesDS is just one of them. Allowing you to play all of your favourite NES games right on your Nintendo DS with your R4 DS Card

The R4 NesDS is an emulator that emulates the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) home video game console. Not only does it emulate it, but it actually recreates the same feel of playing those games, albeit on the big screen (your TV Set) and not on a smaller hand held screen. But the fact remains that even if we wanted it to happen, no Nes portable is going to come out at all, and thus, this is the next - and perfect thing.

The R4 NesDS feels natural because it works in your Nintendo DS. Fire up any Mario game, or any one of the hundreds and hundreds of NES games, and they'll play at full speed, with full native controls, and you'll feel like you've put an NES console in your pocket and taken it with you down nostalgia road.

When I say it feels natural. I think it has a lot to do with the R4 NesDS allowing you to play your NINTENDO Nes games, on your NINTENDO DS console. Both from Nintendo. The D Pad feels just like a controller would on the NES, so you'll be right at home shooting and jumping over the baddies in your favourite game.

Loading up say, Super Mario Brother 2, and playing it feels just like playing it on your original NES, except that you can take the game with your anywhere you go.

What you'll need to use the R4 NesDS :

- A Nintendo DS console (or DSi) of course

- An R4 DS Card

- A MicroSD memory card (which is used with the R4 DS Card)

- Your favourite NES game or games, loaded on to your microSD Card.