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how to listen to mp3 on r4 ds

How To Listen To MP3 On R4 DS

A Brief Tutorial on How To Listen To MP3 Music On The R4 DS

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How To Listen To MP3 On R4
Mp3 players are all the rage - in fact they have been pretty much since the day they were released.  As a Nintendo DS owner, you probably already carry around both your Nintendo DS and your MP3 player - and if you don't have an MP3 Player yet - fret not - you won't need one.  The R4 DS Slot 1 device for the Nintendo DS is the ultimate multi media accessory for Nintendo DS.

In this article we'll cover just one aspect of the R4 DS for Nintendo DS.  How To Listen To MP3 On R4 DS.  There are 3 options on the R4 DS main menu screen when you first boot up your Nintendo DS.  The first option is the GAME option, and this one is self explanatory because this option is what you would choose in order to load your games or homebrew files, from a list of files that you currently have on your microSD card.

First things first.  You'll need to grab your collection of MP3 music, and copy and paste your MP3 music from your PC hard drive over to your microSD Card.  This can be done easily by inserting the microSD card into the microSD card reader/writer that comes bundles with the R4 DS.  Your computer screen will show a pop up, asking you to play / search for media files on this removeable drive, or to open the drive to view files and folder.  We recommend you open the drive for your files and folders, with another Windows Explorer window open, so that you can easily drag the files from your Hard Drive to your microSD card.  STOP! Before you do so - we also strongly urge you to make a folder on your microSD Card with the name MP3 or MP3 music.  You'll want to separate your MP3 files from your game / homebrew files, etc...  There are also several pre-made folders on the microSD card once you copy over the R4 DS operating system, and one of them is a MEDIA folder.  Any music folders you make should go under this folder.

It's the second option on the menu that will enable us to detail exactly How To Listen To MP3 on the R4 DS.

The above screenshot shows the R4 DS menu (the bottom screen on your Nintendo DS when booting up the R4 DS - the top screen has the R4 DS logo).  There are 3 options on the menu, as you can see, with the first option being the GAME option, while the second option is the MEDIA option.  It's this MEDIA option that you want to use.  You can scroll to it either with your D-Pad or simply by tapping the screen with your NDS Stylus.  You won't instantly be greeted by any sort of MUSIC player menu.  You'll have loaded up a 3rd party application called MoonShell (Screenshot below) which enables your R4 DS to listen to music, read ebooks, show of your latest digital photos and even watch movies.

Now that the MoonShell software has loaded up, you'll once again be greeted by a menu system - this time the moonshell menu.

Once you've selected the file you want to work with (in this case, listen to) you're all set.  Moonshell will play the song for you.  Now all you'll need is your headphones and to plug them into your Nintendo DS.

We hope this tutorial on How to Listen To MP3 on R4 DS was helpful.  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact someone in our customer support department from our contact us page.