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How to Set Up Your R4 3DS Card For The Nintendo 3DS

Posted on 11th Feb 2014 @ 12:22 PM

Okay, in this article were going to talk about how to set up the R4 3DS card. Setting up your R4 3DS properly, can make the difference between having an enjoyable experience, or one filled with frustration, and wondering as to whether or not you bought the right card for your Nintendo 3DS / Nintenco 3DS XL.

The truth is, setting up the right way, will mean that you can get it going out of the box and instantly. And to tell you the truth setting up the are four card is as simple as can be. It is actually a lot easier than most people would like to admit. And just following the step-by-step instructions will make the difference between you being able to use it right out-of-the-box, or you searching around for drivers and firmware files until you get it just right.

The steps are easy!  You have to get the right our four firmware files in order for your R4 3DS card is to be recognized Nintendo 3DS.  You have two choices, the first choice being the official R4 3DS firmware. While this firmware comes directly from the manufacturers. Read on to find out why it may not be the best choice for you.   The second option is the wood R4 firmware. This is a third-party firmware file that you can use with your R4 3DS card that offers much better compatibility and support for the latest games apps and homebrwe then even the official firmware does.

Just do a search in Google.com for R4 3DS firmware, and you'll find hundreds of sites with download links. However, your best best is to download it right from our R4 3DS firmware section, as this is the only way you'll be able to ensure that the firmware files you have are the right ones for your systems.   Once you find it, you just download to your computer.

You'll need winRar or WinZip in order to extract the files from the Archive.  Once that's done, you only need to cop over the files to your micro SD card.  All of the R4 3DS cards come with their own micro SD card reader / writer.  Simply copy over the firmware files to your micro SD, and you are all set.

The biggest task you have now, is to find all of the amazing homebrew and freeware games, applications and emulators for your Nintendo 3DS and R4 3DS card.

Below you'll see the Hokuto No Doom, Doom remake for the Nintendo 3DS system.