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New Batch Of Swap Magic 3 Received!

Posted on 27th Jul 2013 @ 4:01 PM

As many f our visitors know, we've been having a bit of a rough time getting more inventory of the Swap magic 3 discs.  This situation was't unique just to us.  Most online stores are having the same problem... or have been having the same broblem, due to some issues at the factory where the discs are made.  Thankfully, the machinary has been replaced and the swap magic 3 is now back in stock and ready to ship for all customers.

Just what was the issue with the discs?  Well, it's not quite as easy to explain as we'd like.  But our understanding is that there are 2 disc makers that can make bootable ps2 discs.  Of those 2, both of the machines were causing problems when they were making the discs themselves.  This resulted in scratched and damaged discs, right off the manufacturing line.  It wasn't because of human error, or due to anything other than the machines themselves, showing the discs as verified and working, when in fact a lot of the had issues.  Not so much with boot up, but with read errors after the fact.  This of course meant that we refused to ship out any of the discs we received, until we were certainly that the problem was resolved.  We don't feel right sending out a product that will end up not working for our customers.  And certainly not send out products that we are certain have problems or issues.

We'd like to thank all of you for your patience as well as your continued business and support!  All of our swap magic shipments which have been delayed, shall start shipping out to customer during the whole of next week.