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R4i on 3DS

Posted on 9th Nov 2011 @ 7:16 AM

Because we offer many different DS and 3DS Flash cards, we often get emails from customers asking just which card it is that they need in order to be able to play their latest DS and 3DS homebrew games and applications on the new Nintendo 3DS system.  We're always quick to recommend the R4i on 3DS to all of our customers, as it has proven, since its release to be one of the most stable, and most often updated (kernel / firmware wise) cards on the market today.  It really is no wonder though.  The R4 Cards have been around since the original R4 DS Card was released for the Nintendo DS systems and as a result, the people behind the R4 have a long history of making a high quality product that is always just a little bit above and beyond what other cards have to offer.  It's this years of continued support that we base our recommendations and suggestions on.  Without the support of the manufacturers, the cards would quickly become stale as new apps and games are released, as the firmware would need to also be updated.

r4i on 3ds

Unlike many of the other cards out there, the R4i on 3DS team works hard to keep their cards compatible with every single file imagineable.  When a new version of Moonshell is released, they are often first with an update in their kernel to make sure that the R4i users of the world can quickly download and use the newest software without having to worry about whether or not it will work.  It's also the only card that most homebrew is really made for.  While the homebrew apps we all know and love do tend to work on other flash cards, they were made with the r4 or R4i in mind.  Apps like DSTwitter, and iKuReader - the best ebook reader for any hand held game system - were made to be run on the R4i.

If you have a Nintendo 3DS system, and are looking for a way to play the hundreds, if not thousands, of freeware and homebrew games, then you can't go wrong with the R4i on 3DS.  You'll have access to all of the multi media you can handle.  From movies to music.  Ebooks to Digital comics, web browsers, classic game system emulators and much more!

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