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HD Loader For PS2 Back In Stock.

Posted on 4th Nov 2011 @ 8:24 AM

The HD Loader is one of those products that a lot of people still want to get their hands on, but it is also getting increasingly harder to find.  We've been able to secure some inventory of the HD Loader and we're happy to report that they have arrived, and are now off back order and are shipping daily for all new orders.  If you have your Playstation 2 console, slim or the original phat version, then you'll want to get your hands on the HD Loader so that you too can start loading your games from the internal or any external USB Hard drive.

hd loader

Just what are the HD Loader advantages?  They are truly too many to be able to list them all.  The biggest reason people clamour to get their hands on one of these discs is because of the ability to load all of your Playstation 2 games a whole lot faster than they would from any disc.  Cut scenes and full motion video (which was pioneered by the PS2 console) run as smoothly as they would on the Playstation 3.  Due only to the fact that they can be loaded from a fast hard drive, instead of waiting for seek times on your DVD player.  

For in game video or rendering of backgrounds that would sometimes do so with a bit of a delay as the data was loaded from the disc, is a thing of the past with the the HDLoader.  Now the backgrounds and graphics get rendered and are just there.  Some games run as much as 35% faster than they do from disc.

And of course, let's not forget about the ability to actually protect your games.  You can take all of your games and install them to the hard drive.  This way, you won't have to worry about discs getting scratched or damaged, or games getting flooded with fingerprints.  You install them once, and then put the discs away for safe keeping in their original boxes.  This helps you maintain your expensive game collection in mint condition.

While other sites will charge you up to $50.00 for the HD Loader (Some for more) you can get it from PS2Cover - the official HD Loader source, for only $22.95, that's less than half the price you'd pay elsewhere.  And with our low flat fee shipping world wide, you pay just one price, even if you buy 50 HD Loader discs.

As stated though, stock is severely limited, and we don't know whether or not we'll be able to find more inventory once these discs are gone, so don't delay, and play your order today!

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