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R4 3DS Cards Get Wood R4 1.36 Firmware

Posted on 12th Sep 2011 @ 9:44 PM

Wood R4, the third party firmware from a dedicated team of programmers has just been updated to version 1.36, adding support for the R4 3DS and R4 DS Cards.  The Wood firmware has been one of the most successful third party kernels for the R4 brand of flash cards.  So popular in fact that even manufacturers themselves have been rushing to make their cards compatible with this remarkable free r4 firmware.  And for good reason too.  There isn't a game that won't load, or a ds homebrew app that can't play.  With Wood R4 installed, even the very first R4 DS Cards have a whole new lease on life.  The manufactrer may not be supporting this famous original r4 card, but the wood r4 team certainly are.


Beyond the game compatibility though, this firmware also offers some unique advantages over the standard firmware itself.  With built in support for the lameboy emulator, which allows you to play gameboy games on your Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, and the best possible compatibility for all of the other emulators out there for the DS, DSi and 3DS.  It's the firmware of choice.  Even we, as official resellers often let our customers know about the wood r4 firmware, and encourage them to give it a try.

With versions for most of the cards out there today, it is also one of the most universal of all firmware files.  While most official firmware will run only on the card it was designed to work on, the wood r4 firmware will actually load and run on a multitude of different cards.

Download it today from our downloads section, and see what a difference this firmware can make.