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PicrossDS Homebrew For R4 3DS Cards

Posted on 28th Aug 2011 @ 12:55 PM

For anyone that doesn't know what Picross games are, you should visit this site to get more information on this type of puzzle game.  It's definitely one of the most challenging, and most fun type of puzzle games you can play on your Nintendo DS, DSI and Nintendo 3DS systems.  PicrossDS is a homebrew games released for all of the mentioned hand held systems.  It was developer, designed and published as a freeware DS game by just one person.  Which is no small feat in an of itself.  Theese puzzle games even have a commerical version which was official published (and sold millions) for the DS and DSI console.  The fact that you can download and play this version free it even more reason to fire up your R4i 3DS or R4 DS card and get playing.  You won't find this game at your game store, as it is only available for download online.

picross ds homebrewThe way you play Picross is by coyping a puzzle or exsiting pixel picture.  You are presented with the picture, and you have a certain number of moves in which you have to complete the game.  Use more moves than you alloted amount and you won't finish the level at all.  You'll fail it.  In theory, the game should be simply and easy to beat.  But as you get in to the higher levels of the game you come to realize that unless you have a strategy in mind for how to complete the puzzle and draw the image on your your side of the screen.  The more complex the images get, the harder you'll find it to actually draw the images on your part of the screen.  Or at least draw them in the number of turns or pixels you can use.  

This game will appeal to kids who love puzzle games, and also to adults because of the advanced strategies you have to use in order to complete the harder levels.  The thing that appeals to us most about games like picrossDS is that even when you only have a 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes to play, you can pick up this game, finish a level or two and continue it later.  That alone makes this game the perfect game to play between classic or on a quick break at work.  

You can download the game for free as long as you have an R4 3DS or an R4 DS Card.  It works on all of the DS models, including the Nintendo 3DS.