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R4 3DS

With the release of the Nintendo 3DS XL and the NEW Nintendo 3DS system, homebrew gamers have been wanting and waiting for a compatible R4 card.  The R4 3DS is it.   With the R4 3DS you can take all of the homebrew games, applications and multi media features you enjoyed on the DS and DSi and put it all right on your Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL / LL, Nintendo 2DS and the *NEW* 3DS systems too!

The R4 3DS Pack A Powerful punch!

Just as the R4 DS Card and R4i Cards before it, the R4 3DS puts a suite of powerful multi media features and functions in to the palm of your hand.  Your Nintendo 3DS system will never be the same again - REALLY!  While there are a lot of products that have a whole lot of hype and sales talk surrounding them, the R4 3DS needs no such introduction.  Anyone that has ever tried one, knows just what it can do for their console.

Multimedia?  You bet.  The R4 will give your 3DS the ability to not only play some of the best freeware and homebrew games available on the internet, but also to let you enjoy the latest tv shows and movies, right on your game system.  There are a lot of people that purchase the card in order to take the electronic books with them on the go, because with freeware apps, your Nintendo 3DS will turn in to the most powerful ebook reader you could ever imagine - with the ability to play games, watch movies, listen to mp3's and much more.

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