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GBA ROMS | Gameboy Advance Emulator For PSP

Posted on 26th Apr 2010 @ 7:35 PM

GBA Roms Emulator for PSP


Play your GBA Roms on the PSP.

VBA has been released for the PSP - New Gameboy Advance Roms Emulator.


GBA Emulator News

It seems that every single day a new development from homebrew developers is released for Sony's PSP Console.  And the last few days have been no exception to that rule.  From the good guys over at PS2Nfo, we've learned that a GBA Emulator has been release for the PSP.  Now hardcore gamers can start playing their GBA Games right on their PSP Console.  While this GBA Roms emulator is by no way a completed final release, it already sports many of the features that it's popular PC counterparts have to offer.

Although the ReadMe states there is no sound implementation yet it appears there is (pushing Left/Right on the Analogue Stick seems to toggle the sound ON and OFF).   Some new changes also include supporting one game at a time (it must be renamed to ROM . gba without the spaces of course!), the directory must be named VBAPSP, and one SAVE at a time total per game is now featured. However, if you wish to save on another game you must remove the old save to do so. Similarly, pushing Up/Down on the Analogue Stick may change the clock speed... as it changes the background from Black (222mhz), to Blue (266mhz?), to Red (333mhz?) and provides a noticeable speed difference on the Red background. Lastly, pressing Triangle/Square increase and decrease frame skipping it appears... some nice 'undocumented' features indeed!

Currently it plays very slowly and has no sound, but the Japanese author states improved versions are coming soon. Also, it appears that ROMs larger than 16MB aren't working yet. 

In other PSP GBA Emulator news, according to PS2NFO.com psp298 has released a new GBA (Game Boy Advance) emulator for the PSP, namely PSPGBA v1.0. Currently it includes a GUI for game management (like RIN) and is optimized for speed, however, it's currently not 100% as fast as GBA but many games are definitely playable so enjoy!

You can download PSPGBA 1.1 Here

And if you're itching for GBA Roms to play, then you can get 76 different freeware homebrew roms by visiting: